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          Homepage >Social Responsibilities>Environment and health >System certification System certification

          1 .凯中精密ISO9001:2015 FM 85336.jpg


          3.深圳市凯中精密技术股份有限公司 ISO14001EMS 环境管理体系 ISO14001:2015中英文.jpg

          4.深圳市凯中精密技术股份有限公司 OHSA18001职业健康安全管理体系.jpg

          System certification

          1)ISO14001 Environmental Management System

          2)OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System


          Environmental safety policy

          Green manufacturing,  consumption reduction, pollution prevention

          Common participation and prevention in advance to ensure safety


          Environmental declaration

          Committing to the promotion of activities of environmental protection and prevention of pollution, the company strictly abides by environmental laws, regulations and customer requirements to effectively control raw materials, processing and shipping links, implement the production process with minimum waste, least consumption and minor pollution and continuously improve the quality of products through continuous improvement to ensure the products supplied contain no substance prohibited and strive to meet the standard of the world's environmental protection policy.